Born on a Sunday

A few years back cidermaker Clinton McDougall had recently opened Bestie – a friendly little sausage and beer parlour – Sunday was the only day the restaurant was closed. And so, every Sunday our little team would gather to mill and press the best BC apples we could find. We pitched beer, wine and sundry yeasts and experimented with the magic of fermentation. Our results were mostly weird and sometimes wonderful. There were a few diamonds in the rough and we kept refining our favourite recipes.

For a several years our little team produced craft cider in the corner of an East Van industrial garage and spent the summers throwing sizeable sizzler parties in the parking lot.


This was a truly a fabulous time.

While hosting sizzlers and filling growlers with Trophop was a real splash, the crew at Sunday Cider decided to get on a boat and make the short voyage over to the Sunshine Coast in order to grow their business and be closer to the land.

Sunday Cider set up shop in the forest on a beautiful twenty acre property just 5 minutes from Gibsons BC. The property used to be an old strawberry farm and is now home to a handful of heritage apples trees, kiwis bushes and a few old cabins.

Cider maker Clinton McDougall and business partner Patrick Connelly converted a little old cedar cottage into a cider production house. Its kinda like a hobbit house meets quirky BC modern. 

We’re working a plan to invite you all over for many visits. But, in this hot minute, we’re focused on making the best possible cider we can. Head over to our Cider page to see what we’re pouring now.

Xo Team Sunday.