Born on a sunday

Sunday Cider is Vancouver’s first cidery. It’s a pretty simple story: a few years ago a couple of longtime friends and fellow cider lovers figured there simply wasn’t enough proper craft cider to go around – so they started making our own.

Our cidermaker Clinton McDougall had recently opened Bestie – a friendly little sausage and beer parlour in Vancouver’s Chinatown – Sunday was the only day the restaurant was closed. And so, every Sunday our little team would gather to mill and press the best BC apples we could find. We pitched beer, wine and sundry yeasts and experimented with the magic of fermentation. Our results were mostly weird and sometimes wonderful. There were a few diamonds in the rough and we kept refining our favourite recipes.

Sunday isn’t your traditional French or English style cider.

We make craft cider from BC apples with the same curiosity that fuels the Pacific Northwest craft beer scene (yes, we love beer too). Our apples hail from the sunny Similkameen and Okanagan valleys. In our search for the choicest apples we sunk our teeth into great bitters and sweets, and broke bread with some of the best orchardists in the game. These are smart folks who work hard to grow beautiful fruit and who treat the land with respect.

While we’ve graduated from making cider in backyard sheds and basements, we’re still pretty darn small. You’ll find Sunday Cider on tap at a few choice establishments in Vancouver.


Enjoy your Sundays